The Tyler, the Creator from the 2010s never left — he just evolved

It’s only been two years since we got the Grammy-award winning, open-hearted opus Igor from Tyler, the Creator, his most polished and well-sequenced album since he crashed, head first, into the rap scene in the early 2010s.

The return of a PlayStation staple is filled with hectic action, impressive visuals and emotive storytelling

Ratchet and Clank was one of the first games I remember getting for the PS2. It was a year or two after the title was released and my parents were awesome enough to snag Sly Cooper with it. While I adored Sly Cooper and have played each game in its…

PS5-exclusive takes the roguelite genre to a familiar, yet unique level

Selene wakes up, again, her futuristic semi-automatic pistol in hand. No heavy breathing or gasping for air in her standard-issue helmet, like the last 10 times she woke up next to her crashed ship, Helios. …

Stella Donnelly — Beware of the Dogs

Regardless of genre, honesty is a hard trait to pass off as enjoyable or entertaining when it comes to music. Rappers have been exaggerating how much money they threw at Magic City for decades, pop stars turn relationships into melodramatic ballads that stretch the truth to infinity and beyond. K-pop…

“I felt like I had to figure out where I fit. Was I bisexual, or was I pansexual? Was I asexual and didn’t know it? Am I queer enough?” -Chevall Pryce

By Chevall Pryce

Finding your identity within the LGBTQ community can be confusing to say the least. When I started to question my own identity in college, I anticipated finding guidance and opportunities for growth. Instead, I wound up exhausted. …

Chevall Pryce

Host @superchevybro - Twitch Streamer - 📝: culture/gaming/politics he/him

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